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We provide high quality business cards design and printing services at really cheap price. We use state of the art quality business cards printing machinery, creative design team, well trained staffs to get best quality print run at affordable price. We offer complete range of premium collections of business cards, material we use for business cards such as:

  • Premium quality art matte to get rich finishing with multi colors printing and lamination
  • Art glossy cards with 300 gsm, 350 gsm and 400 gsm thickness cards with glossy lamination
  • Texture card with 330 gsm and 380 gsm in various colors and background
  • Smooth finish, leather touch cards
  • Kraft business cards, 350 gsm craft material, recycled material etc…
  • Metal business cards, stainless steel business cards with UV printing, silk screen and laser marking, engraving
  • Full black colors thicker card, double pasting business cards with 800 gsm thickness

As we know business cards is first impression marketing tool in every business and individual. It is very essential tool for marketing too. Use our wide range of business cards collections more than 1000 of material to choose. We provide finest quality business cards, name cards in dubai, sharjah, abudhabi, UAE with creative touch finishing like:

Our premium business cards printing solution offer you highly creative and fine quality of print production to make your business cards or name cards ultimate luxury effect. Make your business cards fast and quick with our latest technology print solution. Business cards improve your presentation and make memorable meeting regardless personnel and business conference. we offer:

  • Luxury business cards printing
  • Premium business cards with embossing and hot foiling
  • Offset printing business cards
  • Classic touch business cards
  • Eco friendly business cards

Why you choose us to print your business cards today in dubai, sharjah? Yes Sahara printing press is one stop destination to print your all types business cards whether its cheaper or luxury cards like:

  • Affordable business cards printing company in dubai, sharjah, abudhabi
  • Quick and fast business cards printing within hour production
  • Offset, digital, silk screen printing for business cards
  • Laser marking and direct UV print on business cards
  • Plastic, metal, paper, card board business cards
  • Cheap price but high quality business cards printing
  • On time delivery in dubai, sharjah
  • 24 hours business cards printing in advance booking

Business cards normally thick cards look more elegant you use any thickness of business you can use various thick cards like:

  • 200 gsm cards
  • 250 gsm with matte and glossy, ivory, texture cards
  • 300 gsm luxury cards in smooth white, black solid
  • 350 gsm texture in red finish and glossy effect
  • 400 gsm premium cards in red, white, pink, black with smooth and texture available

Why business card printing required? As we know all the business cards are the cards bearing business information concerning a company or individual purpose. Business cards or name cards or visiting cards are a important tool or object to share during formal introductions to memorize or keep record your details, name and company tag etc... so we can of course call a business cards is a first impression marketing or introduction tool which play an significant role in your business meeting to promote your business. A business card naturally comes with person name, company or business firms logo, brand name and contact information such as addresses, telephone number, fax number, e-mail addresses, website, face book id, instragram or other social network id etc…. business cards now a days comes with black and white printing, CMYK multi colors process print, image and photo printing, superiror quality texture cards stocks, coated and uncoated material and much more to make your business card elegant, luxury presentation.

Please note it is not compulsory to have any particular size for your business cards, however most common size we mentioned below for your knowledge that most of the customer have to have their business cards and also we can customize any size of business cards. Business cards designing that point to be noted file should be curved before sending for printing to avoid link and font missing and also a business cards bleed that means to trim and printing cut mark required at least 3 to 4 mm for safer side.

As Standard MM MM CM CM
United States W: 88.9 H: 50.8 W: 8.89 H: 5.8
Canada W: 89 H: 51 W: 8.9 H: 5.1
China W: 90 H: 54 W: 9 H: 5.4
France W: 85 H: 55 W: 8.5 H: 5.5
Germany W: 85 H: 55 W: 8.5 H: 5.5
Hungary W: 90 H: 50 W: 9 H: 5
Italy W: 85 H: 55 W: 8.5 H: 5.5
Netherlands W: 85 H: 55 W: 8.5 H: 5.5
Japan W:91 H:55 W: 9.1 H: 5.5
Russia W: 90 H: 50 W: 9 H: 5
Spain W: 85 H: 55 W: 8.5 H: 5.5
Switzerland W: 85 H: 55 W: 8.5 H: 5.5
United Kingdom W: 85 H: 55 W: 8.5 H: 5.5
UAE& Middle East W:80 H: 55 W: 8 H: 5.5
India W: 82 H: 55 W: 8.2 H: 5.5

Color format for business cards / name cards / visiting cards printing in UAE is:

  • CMYK process colors
  • Pantone for cut colors
  • Metallic silver & gold better to quote pantone code
  • Physical sample would be better to match color matching to avoid mistakes in print
  • RGB color not acceptable to print offset

To save earth and work for better tomorrow, you can use our wide range recycled paper, craft paper which is 100% recycled material which is eco-friendly business cards. Here is 11 tips or way to improve your business cards look, quality and to make low cost:

  • Use high quality professional designer or you can get better ideas from internet and do illustration by yourself by using power point or word, however a power point or word design not good to print offset or digital so meet nearest design or print center to make proper design based on your illustration
  • Keep your business cards or name cards simple, clean and matte or texture finish card stock so you can bring color theme based on your corporate logo or brand name, so card thickness is good to advise is 350 gsm to 400 gsm maximum however you can have any thickness by doing custom card with us as you like.
  • Before sending to mass production take a demo or color print and cut as per cutting mark and see the size are ok so you can avoid mistakes and save money by doing wrong production
  • Choose coated or uncoated material you need because we advise that if your cards need to be maintained for long period or time with your customers then better go to matte or glossy card with lamination so laminated business cards will not damage, water proof and it won’t damage or oil, dust etc… if it is simple one day or 1 year purpose then go with luxury, texture, uncoated material to get ultra finish
  • If you are planning to get a superior quality business cards then visit nearest print center or printing press and get about 40 to 50 existing cards to choose quality of print run and choose one and refer the quality to printer so you can make sure about quality and avoid mistakes
  • Make your business cards one side logo and contact details and other side put your services in brief so it will be one of the promotional tool in first impression itself
  • If you’re your budget is good then choose our PVC, Plastic business cards with round corner cut like credit cards so benefit is plastic pvc business cards will not damage even decades and customer will not throw away like normal card too so customer will insert to their business card holder slot, it is available in offset, digital and UV print in matte and glossy finish
  • If you are in international business, trade shows, exhibition attended then print your photo in business cards so it can be a best tool to remember you to your customer and memorable your face whenever see the business cards
  • To get embraced your business card make your card white background, clean design and eye catching colors, graphics so customer can pick easily
  • To make different business cards than common cards in the market you can choose any size, shape, color and thickness example, if your company name cherry or apple then you can make the shape of your business card cherry or apple so that gives elegant output and your meeting, company name memorable too.
  • To make informative your business cards you can put social media address, mobile number, email id, website id and highlights key words of your products and services at the back

For more information about business cards design or printing please dial now Hotline: +971 50 995 8471 | +971 50 456 8239 | +971 4580 8326, Email us :

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